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Finally, the First Five of Fifteen Final Finalists!

This year, we’re really excited to have such a gigantic and diverse panel of judges look over your work, but while more judges and more games means more finalists and more fun, it also means a bit more waiting. So, while we continue to wrap up a few loose ends, we’re pleased to begin presenting some of the finalists for ISR 2.0 in the meantime. We’re going to end up with 15 finalists (not counting the winner of People’s Choice or the Mighty Burchatta) in total, and today are pleased to share the first five with you! So without further a’doodoo, here we go!


Goodbye, Earth by team Thirty Something

What he had to say: “The graphics are gorgeous, and the sound works great. It can become a bit of a hectic experience, in a good way.”


Secret Formula by team IDK

What she had to say: “This game was incredibly charming, engaging and fun. I loved the retro 16-bit graphics in the main character and environment and the story telling that was accomplished with different set pieces. The gameplay was great, and though difficult to master at first was intuitive and engaging and kept me wanting to play more after the game was finished.”


Sculptorgeist by team Kitfox Games

What he had to say: ”Sculptorgeist was a fun and silly game that I played far too long trying to get the highest score. I hope the team takes more than 48 hours and fleshes the idea out into something more.”


Hellbroker by team Pocket Trap

What he had to say: “There’s a deep, innovative little action game lurking underneath Hell Broker’s unassuming presentation and stubborn controls, and it captivated me for many hours during the judging process.  Super Crate Box meets Lemonade Stand?  An action-investment game?  A game where you literally shoot money?  Playing Hell Broker well requires a delicate, thoughtful balancing act.  As you ram your head against it, there’s also the creeping suspicion that you’re being fooled, that perhaps there’s a better way to exploit its systems toward your seemingly impossible goal, that Wall Street may in fact have a back door.  I won’t say more.  I’ll just say that I won.”


Rebirth 2 by team Callipygian Beholders

What he had to say: “Rebirth 2 is not the sort of game I usually play to be honest, But then I think Rebirth 2 is not the sort of game that usually exists at all. It was all just so left-field and meta that it had me smiling. And confused. To top it off, when I ‘finished’ the first part of the game, I was confronted with the second part, so utterly different from the first as to have me scratching my head again. An existential game about perspectives and reincarnation, followed by a caricature of a space shooter with challenging controls? Rebirth 2 left a lasting impression. And a mild headache, which in this case was a good thing.”

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