The 2013 Indie Speed Run Entry Window has Closed. Public Play begins October 7th.

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Five More Judge Picks, Five More to Go

Here’s our next batch of organic, fresh-picked games.


Brightees Soup Kitchen by team StrataGeeGeeGee

What he had to say: ”I would have to give my vote to Brightees Soup Kitchen as felt polished and an excellent art style for the subject matter. The gameplay was basic but it was understandable and the candle hint system was clever. They should continue to refine their style and humor and work on making the game more nuanced.”


King’s Profit by team Stun em’ Productions

What he had to say: ”It really appealed to my old school exploration RPG craving.  I thought the opening cinematic and music was very well done.  The dynamic lighting halo around the main character gave it a real sense of mood in the dungeons.  The puzzle layout was well executed as well, just quirky enough to bring back old school rpg problem solving skills which have sat unused for decades.  After using the gunpowder to blow the town gates it had me anxious to see what more awaited.  I was really enjoying playing the game until I realized I had to get back to work and Ship Baldur’s Gate 2: Enhanced Edition.”


Niveus by team Black Otus

What he had to say: ”Niveus had a really great level of polish – a great use of visuals and audio to create a really strong sense of atmosphere and place. The camera swing actually created a great sense of paranoia, which I really liked, and I loved the ambiguity and weirdness of the story. Together with the emptiness of the world, it gave the game a really different and engaging feel. It’s got a real feel of impending doom, and a neat survival horror vibe, with shades of the kind of clean and trippy aesthetic that drives games like Kentucky Route Zero, Lone Survivor and Swords & Sworcery. Liked it a lot.”


7th Sense by team Box Box Box

What he had to say: “I felt that the screen provided a deep sense of the world and art.  The input design was innovative as well as simple; it was great.  Once you know about the existence of this character, we’d never be able for forget about him.  Who would he be fighting against and how the story will be woven…  It’s exciting to just even think about it!”


Retreat to the Jeep! by team Lost Decade Games

What he had to say: ”Retreat to the Jeep! combines tension between greed and getting out in a thematically relevant and coherent way. For a game made in 48 hours, it shows surprising polish and attention to detail.”

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