A Letter for my Valentine

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You are playing a game from a past INDIE SPEED RUN EVENT.
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Theme: Idolatry | Element: Snow

How to Play:

Video Tutorials:


Overview: youtube.com/watch?v=oAWGhU6k1Qg

Controls: youtube.com/watch?v=DgytIsMrvmA

Strategy: youtube.com/watch?v=w2sQQXUa_4Q>



Two Player only Game.

To Play, you have to challenge another player in the chat lobby by clicking on their names.

The other player then has to accept the challenge. (Type /accept to accept the challenge. Don't forget the other players name (many did) :) )

Whoever challenged first is playing the victim, the other player is playing the stalker.

Stalker Goals:


The stalker has to take one good photo of the victim. A good photo depends on if you are close enough when taking the photo.

When you take the photo, you see a flash for feedback. (but the victim wont see it). However the victim will hear that a photo was taken.

Try to blend in with the NPCs to avoid detection.

You will win when you've taken one good photo and the woman leaves the scene.

Victim Goals:


You have to complete 5 mission goals before you are able to leave the scene. During this the Stalker is able to take photos and you have to watch the crowd to be able to spot him.

To win you can either spot the stalker and call the police on him, or leave the scene while the stalker was not able to get a good photo of you.

Stalker Controls:


Left Mouse Button - Click to Move (Holding also works)

Right Mouse Button - Click to turn towards mouse cursor

1 - Sit down (open newspaper while sitting to be able to take photo)

2 - Go into photo pose (Can take photo from this pose)

3 - Open Newspaper (Can take photo from this pose)

4 - Tie your shoes (Can take photo from this pose)

5 - Pull out mobile phone (Can take photo from this pose)

6 - Look at Pants in shop (Can take photo from this pose)

Space - Take photo when possible (button is greyed out when not possible)

Victim Controls:


Left Mouse Button - Click to Move (Holding also works)

Right Mouse Button - Call the police on highlighted suspect (move mouse over suspect to highlight)

Space - Do actions near mission goals


You play either as a stalker or as the victim. As stalker you have to blend into the crowd, while trying to take photos of the victim. The victim has to complete tasks and leave the scene without being photographed or spot the stalker and call the police on him.

A Letter to my Valentine is a psychological multiplayer thriller.

Screen Shots:


Team: Deranged Millionaires

Featuring the development talent of: