Thunder Gnomes

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You are playing a game from a past INDIE SPEED RUN EVENT.
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Theme: Inner peace | Element: Spray mace

How to Play:

W - Boost
A - Bank left
S - Back
D - Bank right

User the mouse to point your Gmone at the enemy.

Remember you need to start the server or join an already hosted one online to play.

Point the client at the server via the ip address.

Have fun.


All was peaceful in the land of the Gnomes until the Great Awakening when electricity itself came to life and transformed into sentient beings that wanted to absorb and control all electricity throughout the lands.

Project-IonGnome was unveiled. The bravest of all Gnomes were outfitted with the latest Gnomology to defend all Gnomedom against the greatest threat ever.

These brave warriors came to be known as the Thunder Gnomes

Screen Shots:


Team: Celestial Games

Featuring the development talent of: