Trash Donkey

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You are playing a game from a past INDIE SPEED RUN EVENT.
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Theme: Agriculture | Element: Poison Dart Frog

How to Play:

Left and Right Arrows for movement. (Moving over trash causes the donkey to start eating)

Space Bar to expel exhaust from your Trash Tank. (once it is filled by eating trash)


Trash Donkey is a game where you eat trash to protect your crops(agriculture) so they can grow to their fullest potential. Eating the trash powers your 'trash tank' which you can expel to also destroy trash - making Trash Donkey the ultimate trash fighting weapon.

There are 11 rounds, each round banks the health of your crops as 'pounds of agriculture'. After all 11 rounds you are rewarded with a final score. Replay with friends to get SUPER HIGH SCORES!

Screen Shots:


Team: Sungorth

Featuring the development talent of: