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You are playing a game from a past INDIE SPEED RUN EVENT.
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Theme: Inner peace | Element: Spray mace

How to Play:

This is a MMO/Persistant multiplayer game. As such it requires you
connect to a server. We have one up on or you
can start you own.

Once you are connected to a server you can create your account. Dont use and
important passwords please everything is still clear text "48hours :)"

Once you have created your account and logged in you can create up to 4 toons. Why for
well becasue we were only allowed four developers ofc.

Enter the game and enjoy.


Purgatory: the ultimate journey for the soul.
The place of final judgment for those seeking redemption from their
earthly sins.

A place where they await their final pardon by the Throne. But there
are those who
dwell in this place of the in-between who seek to destroy the Throne.
Souls who are beyond redemption; who have become corrupt, decadent,
and filled with malice.

They see the Throne as a means of escape from justice and will not
stop until its every stone has been cast asunder.
But should the Throne fall, all life in the after will cease.

Their only judgement, guilty. Their sentence, oblivion.

It is up to you, brave guardian, to protect the lands of the Throne
from these hordes of madness
that will it out of existence.
Whether you choose to be the Confessor of Sins: Strong in the combat
arts and well
adept with the Sword of Flame in close combat;
Or the Prophet of Truth: Accomplished in Ranged arts, skilled in
vanquishing enemies from a
distance with a single utterance;

The future of the Throne, and fate of every soul in known existence,
depends on you.

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Team: Celestial Games

Featuring the development talent of: