The ISR3.0 Finalists Are...

The judges have had their say. Now, it's your turn to crown the champion


The Grand Prize Finalists

Below are the 10 Grand Prize finalists for the 2015 Indie Speed Run (ISR3.0) – These games were selected by our panel of Judges and by our “People’s Choice” vote. We have shared some of their comments with each game and we’ve linked to them all to give you an opportunity to play them.

Now, the power is in your hands. You can help pick the winners of our Prizes! Once, you’ve played the games simply pick your favorite and submit your vote via the form below. You may vote only one time. (Our system will throw out any attempted “vote spamming”) – The ballot is open until 5:00 PM (EST) on Friday, December 11th. We will announce the grand prize winner shortly after the results are tabulated.

Have fun playing and good luck to all the finalists!


Shmmmmf – The Museum of Smells

“It did a good job of using smell in its design, had solid graphics, and good gameplay. It was also funny! All around, a well-scoped design, no bugs, and very solid gameplay for a 48-hour game.”

- John Romero

Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein 3D

Buckler Up!

“I’ll cast my vote for Buckler Up. Simply put, it was the most thorough execution of a simple idea. It’s fun to play, it feels thought through in terms of its level progression, the art and audio feel right, it simply touched on all the little details that make a game compelling. Congrats on creating such a cohesive little package in 48 hours!”

- Davey Wreden

The Stanley Parable

Right Click to Necromance

“Simple, fun, addictive, escalates naturally in difficulty, sort of goes with the theme (not so much the element unless you interpret flip-flop in a more abstract sense). I played it for so long on my first go that my contact lens dried up and fell off.”

- Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw

Zero Punctuation, Hatfall, The Consuming Shadow

Super InstaShopper

“Super InstaShopper is my choice. Its uncomplicated mechanics, clear theme and small scope made it not only feel best to play [out of the games I judged] but it also appears more complete.”

- Oscar Jilsén

Goat Simulator


“My pick is Intelligence. It was cute and simple and the ending made me laugh.”

- Matt Thorson


Trash Quest

“Charming presentation, great animation, challenging gameplay, and rewarding progression. It does feel like a 48 hour game, and the initial structure is a bit confusing, but it was fun enough to keep me playing until the end. Great job to the team!”

- Lucas Pope

Papers Please

Wasteland Golf

“The game feels the most polished and like it has the most potential to be fleshed out into a full game. I enjoyed their art style as well as the environmental hazards used”

- Andrew “Redigit” Spinks



“A cool twist on a resource management game…. or maybe it’s a tower defense game… or maybe it’s a sim. All these elements come together into a polished game that’s pretty deep and can stand up to repeated plays”

- Jason Rohrer

Passage, Sleep Is Death, The Castle Doctrine


“Fun, polished multiplayer game, enjoyed playing. Good graphics. Simple concept but worked.”

- James Vaughan

Plague Inc.

The Moon Conspiracy

“In what was a very tight vote, The Moon Conspiracy edged out some great competition to become the winner of the 2015 People’s Choice Award. The games is fun, balanced and has a great style.”

- ISR Team

Indie Speed Run Staff

Time To Vote!


Now that you’ve reviewed the games, it’s time to cast your vote. Click the button below to get started. Remember, voting closes on Friday, December 11th at 5:00 PM (EST)

Additional Award Nominees

In addition to our grand prize, we are proud to announce the nominees for our “Best 3d Art” award and the “Most Addicting Game” award. You can learn more about these prizes HERE – The winners will be selected by SideFX and respectively and announced soon!


Best 3D Art Nominees

Defense of the Weasel God

Book of Beasts

Bag of Secrets





Siege Diplomats

Super InstaShopper

Always the Spring, Never the Same Flowers

Most Addicting Game Nominees

Do You Even Lift?

Noodle Rumble

Super InstaShopper

Bring Your Own Leader

Offroad Gifting

Pretzel Man’s Quest

Right Click to Necromance

Siege Diplomats

Vain Attack


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