Indie Speed Run can be summed up easily. It’s an opportunity.

So maybe you’re an amateur.

It’s no secret that the game market is changing; things like Kickstarter and various app markets cropping up everywhere from your cell phone to public urinals means that that now, right now, this very second, there are more opportunities for passionate creative-types to have their work seen and shared with the community than ever before.

There’s only one problem.

With the wall down, everyone is free to sling everything they have at the market simultaneously, creating a hazy static of thousands upon thousands of products constantly competing for people’s attention. In theory, this is a good thing. Everyone should be given a shot at having their work available. But what happens when you simply can’t get through that static to get your shot? That’s where Indie Speed Run can help out. We want to create a system where creative, quirky, unconventional, and/or skilled developers have a balanced system to showcase their talents, and have those talents be seen and judged by a captive audience of industry professionals.

So maybe you’re a pro.

Indie Speed Run isn’t exclusively about visibility. If it was, we’d simply set up a hosting site to showcase people’s work, and jeez, there are a ton of those already. The event is also designed to be a challenge: a really stressful, sort of zany, superbly fun type of challenge in which people of all skill-levels, experience, and occupations can come together and throw down. It’s like Thunderdome, except there will be more than two entries … and more than one winner. Okay, it’s not exactly like Thunderdome, but making a game in 48-hours is obviously really, really tough and, unless you’re some kind of nutcase, also something you’ve never done before. Video games are meant to be fun, and what better way to celebrate them than by joining in a massive, simultaneous creation effort spanning the globe?

So maybe you’re a koala bear.

The reality is that almost no one easily conforms into “amateur” or “pro.” There are students, business-types, five-year-olds, hobbyists, and people out there performing a thousand different jobs within the industry itself. Where do you fit into things? Maybe you’re writer who always wanted to be a level designer, or an art lead who dreams in PhP? Perhaps you’re a chef attending night school with a penchant for converting trumpet solos into MIDI files. Whatever your personal situation, if you love video games, then we built Indie Speed Run for you. And that’s all there is to it.

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