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Theme: Patriotism | Element: Plot twists

How to Play:

To play Flagships, you need:
A friend! It's a 2-player versus game :)
A keyboard and/or controllers! You can play two players on the same keyboard, or one on the keyboard and one with a controller, or with two controllers (recommended!

Collect 7 points by grabbing gems (+1) or conquering yellow planets (+1 for small planets, +2 for big planets). Hint: You can kick your opponent out of their planets by crashing your ship onto their colony!

Plot Twists!
At the end of every round, the losing player gets a random surprise bonus!


Xbox Controller:
Aim: Left Stick Left/Right
Switch Planet: LB/RB
Launch Rocket: A Button

Playstation Controller:
Aim: Left Stick Left/Right
Switch Planet: L1/R1
Launch Rocket: X Button

Keyboard A
Aim: Left/Right
Switch Planet: Up/Down
Launch Rocket: Enter

Keyboard B
Aim: A/D
Switch Planet: W/S
Launch Rocket: Spacebar


Flagships is a game of space flight and conquest for 2 players! Launch rocket after rocket into space, aiming for faraway planet to turn into colonies and hoping to collect a few precious golden gems on the way! Race with another nation for control of each space quadrant by launching rockets from all your colonies!

Screen Shots:


Team: Neverpants

Featuring the development talent of: